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We are so excited to announce that we have joined forces with Magic Link Handwriting to bring their fantastic handwriting programme to Stoke Poges, Gerrards Cross & Slough.

The Magic Link Handwriting Programme (as featured in The Telegraph & on Dragon’s Den) teaches neat, cursive script in 30 simple steps, and is suitable for children aged 6 and up from Primary through to Secondary School.  The simple Magic Link font has no confusing lead-in or entry strokes, so handwriting becomes neater and faster and self-confidence increases.

The Magic Link Handwriting Programme can help all pupils, from children who have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and other Specific Learning Difficulties, to children who are simply left-handed or who have never managed to develop neat, joined up handwriting.  Let’s not forget that the benefits of developing cursive script reach beyond the obvious desire for aesthetically pleasing writing.  With cursive, children improve upon their spelling ability, because hand movements create muscle memory, which helps them retain spelling patterns.  The potential for errors are therefore diminished.

As a Specialist Teacher, I understand the frustration of learners and parents when handwriting is messy, illegible or indecipherable.  The Magic Link Handwriting Programme can make a difference, and is endorsed by parents and teachers alike.  Find out more about our classes here and contact us to book your child’s place today!