Spelling CPD

I am so excited to be involved in this Bucks Patoss CPD event in April, on a subject that I am passionate about.  Inspiring  keynote speaker, Dr Victoria Devonshire, will be sharing her research into the complexities of the English writing system and its four elements; morphology, etymology, form rules and phonology.  Schools often focus on the phonology element, but only 56% of English words can be spelled using phonic rules, so people often do not know what method to use for the remaining words.

Attendees will learn about how an increased knowledge and understanding of these elements can make the English writing system logical and consistent.  This can lead to substantially increased reading and spelling accuracy and skill for learners who are already proficient readers/spellers, as well as those with difficulties.  This event is ideal for anyone who is involved in the teaching or supporting of spelling to learners of all ages, including those learners with and without difficulties.